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So how ya doin’?

#do u know how much guts this took me  #the one and only selfie that matters  #I kno I look no way near 15  #no one ask me why my hair always blocks my face  #it's a shield  #okay  #I couldn't find the original one here so here I m reposting it  #don't judge me 

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Awww you are so pretty

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Thank you so much :*

Douglas Pereira is in Barcelona. It’s set to be a busy day for Douglas, with the official photo in front of the Club offices and his medical at the Ciutat Esportiva this morning and his unveiling in front of the media this evening. He will officially sign after passing his medical.

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You're so pretty oh my god 😍😍

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*blushes* thank you so much!
you’re beautiful! C=

Okay you're officially queen of edits like seriously H O W? Okay yes just wanted to say you're amazing :D

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Oh stop it you! You’re way too kind. You’re the queen here, your edits r some of the best and my favs :3 
Thank you so much tho, you’re amazing as well C=


i’m officially halfway done with college yo



*posts selfie when no one asked for it* hi

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babe, that's where selfie friday is for, we all appreciate eachother, and get to know the face behind the blog, I'm sure you are beautiful! :)

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Thank you so much C= next time maybe :)

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Post one please? I look like a potato compared to everyone else, but I still posted one :o

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I m sure you’re beautiful :)
I don’t want to, atleast not today maybe some other time sorry

Why aren't you doing selfie Friday?

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Because I’m one insecure piece of crap C=

#I m extremely self- conscious and insecure when it comes down to looks  #sorry 

mrs-messi said: what did ronaldo say about messi !?

That he is better than Messi, and also hinted that he thinks that Messi didn’t deserve the golden ball - “I can’t be honest. If I said everything I think, I’d be in prison.”